• WoW R2B coin hit 2.50$ from 0.008$
    Ongoing ICO
    Must buy $28.00 package and that gives you coins as well as a month to earn commissions.
    You can choose to continue the $28 dollars next month and get more coins at market value or you may just sit and watch the coin value grow...
    You may purchase one of the 6 packages to get more coins and can buy any additional packages at any time.

    They have a limited offer right now to get double the coins in any package except the most expensive one and not for the $28.00.

    You can sit back and do nothing and wait for the coin to hit $188 per coin when it goes to exchange or you can roll up your sleeves and build a downline.
    They expect it to hit This mark within 4 months. There is a calculator in the back office that shows your earnings with different dollar amount to help you.
    What is Different about this coin... It is pre-mined and so will not see the huge variation up going up and down like bitcoin.

    It will only go up as it is purchases. Growing like wildfire but still the most Amazing time to get in.

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    Sponser name hws4018
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  • Follow a simple, easy and very affordable team build to Generational Wealth & Economic F.R.E.E.DOM!
    Here is a new Asian Coin that is going berserk. I spoke with one of the principals that helped create the company. Very impressed with where they are headed.

    It is at $0.40 and moving about a penny a day right now.

    It's set to get released in Asia in December.

    Unlike the 1100 other coins out there, it has pre-mined coin
    and is registered.

    It has 188,888,000 pre-mined coins and goes public at $188.

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    Don’t let this one pass you buy. Register NOW!

    The Eagle Networking Team Will Help Provide Spillover to increase your earnings.

    This is WEALTH CREATION at its best and ensures that you earn.
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