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Members: Some upcoming news and details for our planned concept will be on my Group page from now on at: https://imark.info/groups/crypto - so go over there and be always up-to-date
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  • Members: Some upcoming news and details for our planned concept will be on my Group page from now on at: https://imark.info/groups/crypto - so go over there and be always up-to-date
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  • Important news:

    I am actively working in the blockchain environment and we are planning (if we learn it all and get it done) to issue our own ICO token (hopefully register as altcoin)
    My plan is to give our active matrix members a compensatory value of token.
    All three matrix are live and active and will stay active. Enrollment has slowed down, since the btc increases are in such rapid moves, as well as the transaction fees. to make it difficult for people to join.
    We added a low entry point in 4 btc and will make the changes on the website active this weekend.

    Make sure you click the "follow" on my page to receive notification when I publish progress notes and more details.
    thanks and happy weekend
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  • Don't fall for these gimmick deals that offer Micro or Satoshi btc rewards. You waste your time

    Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million coins.
    However, there are fractional units of bitcoin and bitcoin cash

    Take a look at how small units of bitcoin are converted to U.S. dollars (at a BTC price of $10,000):

    A milli-bitcoin (mBTC) represents 1 / 1,000th of a bitcoin or $10 USD.

    A micro-bitcoin, or bits (μBTC) represents 1 / 1,000,000th of a bitcoin or $0.01 USD (one penny).

    A satoshi is one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin or $0.0001 USD. It’s the smallest unit of bitcoin that can be recorded on the blockchain

    To exchange such small micro or Satoshi today will have 100times the amount as a fee. However, when 1 BTC will be worth 1 million dollarm this calculation will of course change
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  • Update and live now for 4BTC.bid:
    New low entry point to give as many people possible an opportunity to join a stable Bitcoin matrix with Instant Payment concept.
    We added a new low entry point of 0.001685 (however, due to Blockchain fees our Coin processor adjust it to 0.00169 during the payment process.

    The website does NOT have the update today. We will change this in the morning.
    However, all is fully functional for any new member to join.
    New Members ONLY: https://4btc.bid/?r=dreamstarter

    If you are a registered member, you can purchase this entry in your member profile
    under purchase: dropdown menu to select 0.001685 and complete purchase to
    get a spot high in the matrix.
    Thend use your referral link for your referrals for new members, who will
    be placed under you in this new level and follow you into your main level.

    The new Starter matrix works as follows:
    Regular Matrix with 3 Personal referrals and Spillover
    entry 0.001685 (0.00169)btc into Dream Starter
    complete cycle with 3 members - NO payout this level
    since 0.005 btc will be used to advance into the
    next level - Dream Starter Level 2 Regular matrix
    (your referrals and spillover will follow you)
    ONLY 2 members in down line with 0.005 generate 0.010 btc
    you now advance in the Regular Matrix 4BTC for 0.008 btc AND
    receive a payout of 0.002 btc INSTANT payment.
    You are already receiving your participation amount back
    and now on the this 4BTC Main level (3 members down line)
    (the original entry level before bitcoin went up)
    you will receive 0.004 btc for each of the personal referred members
    who follow you.

    Thereafter you advance into the Company forced matrix, all as explained
    on the 4btc website, with INSTANT pay per member under you,
    plus re-entries etc....

    To join and get into the line, please use only this link

    I will not post this on our FB page until I have finished the update for the website.
    thank you all

    more news coming soon, as you know, I never rest
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  • Update:
    1. Matrix 4BTC.bid - waiting for programmer to set the amount in the automated system. I installed the new Dream Level starter with 0.001685 to join and just waiting for the final coding for the connection between our server and the Coinpayments platform.
    When done I will immediately post details here and a notice on out FB group page too.

    2. Dream Level starter is calculated to generate with just three personal referrals, who will follow you, and push your position up to the Main entry with Instant payments.

    3. The NetworkerEther.com platform is super stable with the rates to join, and the latest news about Ethereum uses and application will push ETH into higher values, in a more steady pace than BTC, So, if you are looking for an entry besides btc, our NetworkerEther platform offer is most affordable and with the INSTANT payment per member (not waiting for cycling) gives quick earnings.

    4. BTC has shown a lot of resistance and stabilized very quickly after the reset 2 days ago, when the value increased too rapid and many "whales" cashed out, which caused the down trend. No sitting at $16,500 and we will see how the opening of the future trading will bring new money into the game.
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  • Low entry point: Great news!
    I was able to create a new entry point for the 4btc.bid matrix.
    Members will be able to join with 0.001685 btc
    based with 3 Personal referrals and spillover
    more details coming when the programmer has changed the entry fee settings.
    It will have an added upgrade level to reach the required 0.008 for upgrade into
    the 4btc main matrix level.
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  • Update about new add-on coming with a low cost entry point for the 4BTC.bid matrix.
    I am working on a calculation with 0.00175 btc as entry and try to keep it as tight with required member number as possible.

    Where other btc deals already stopped, we are paying all bonuses either fully automated instantly or with NetworkerBitcoin upon manual request.

    Alone today over $270 value paid out in bonus
    Stay tuned.
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  • To all our members with the NetBTC, NetETH and 4BTC currency matrixes, as well as all members here on our own Social Community platform, a welcome and exciting journey on the crypto currency world.

    Today, BTC hit over $16,000 and who would have guessed this, when we started our matrix deals in May. For those who think you missed the train with bitcoin, look out for Ethereum. The ETH blockchain will start growing exponentially one day similar like BTC did.

    To stay informed, watch my daily posts here. Send your down line members to this platform, since I will be actively posting here.
    I am working on a way to create a lower entry point for the 4BTC site, but the market just throws every hour a new block in my math... we will see next days..
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